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Borgo Pignano is a unique luxury retreat in the heart of Tuscany where art and creativity are naturally present, nourished and valued. Pignano is a magnet for artists, where its serene environment offers true inspiration for both creating and exhibiting.Throughout this historic country estate, visitors enjoy the beauty of contemporary and classic art in many diverse and inspiring forms.Supporting and promoting the work of emerging contemporary artists, The Pignano Art Gallery was opened in September 2016 providing a unique exhibition space situated in a beautifully restored historic farm building. The Gallery offers a tranquil yet sophisticated environment for artists to exhibit their work and allows hotel guests the privilege of viewing exceptional art whilst staying in Tuscany. Borgo Pignano also has a long-established collaborative relationshipwith The Royal Drawing School in London, where both organisations actively support the work of talented young artists in the form of residential programmes held at the estate. The Pignano Art Gallery is located just a few steps away from the grand 18th Century Villa and features classic vaulted ceilings, original brickwork floors and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, woodlands and open countryside. Here, you will discover a collection of inspiring exhibitions featuring contemporary arts: among them painting,sculpture, photography, installations, ceramics and creative design. The Pignano Art Gallery exhibitions are curated and organised by the Vitalità Cultural Association. The mission of the association is to promote art, which re-evaluates and inspires human awareness, experience and the connection with nature.


Pignano Art Gallery | Borgo Pignano
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