We are all, plants animals and humans, woven on the same loom of Nature.
The Velathri Art Gallery aspires to promote art which brings this to the foreground of human awareness, exploring, observing and contemplating the mystery of the living world and the one family of Life, exhibiting artists who are aiming to re-unite art and audience to Nature, through Nature, inspired in Nature, shaping materials provided by Nature.
Shaping a vision where elegance meets instinct, beauty shines from insight, inspiration embraces wholeness, movement rises from roots, artistry springs from intuition and mastery is fuelled by passion; where the focus is sharp and yet spiritual, the work delicate while intense, unique and universal, light but deep, sophisticated with the wisdom of the shaman.
Curating magical cultural experience in this ancient land of the Etruscans, who named it VELATHRI, said to mean terra felice, to bridge the ordinary to elevated celebration of beauty and vitality.
“We are the eyes of the Earth. We are the ears of the Earth. We are the voice of the Earth”
– Joseph Campbell


Velathri Art Gallery
Via Marconi 19
San Gimignano (SI), Italia
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