Designer and Master of Chinese Calligraphy, PAOLA BILLI 西子 lives and works in Italy. Since 2001 she has exhibited internationally and participated in workshops, conferences and conventions on calligraphy through the world. In 2011 she was nominated as Vice President of the International Association of Calligraphy of Beijing and President of the Italian branch. In 2011 she collaborated with the Chinese State Television Company (CCTV), representing Europe in a program of eight episodes “5000 Years of Chinese Calligraphy”. She won the special prize of the jury in Korea at the Biennale of Calligraphy of Jeollabukdo. She was invited to represent Italy in 2008 at the eighth International Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games of Beijing. Her calligraphy over the last ten years has been acquired by collectors, museums and especially in 2013, by the Museum of Calligraphy of Chengdu.

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