Edi Magi was born in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany, a place rich in history stretching back to the Etruscans. Despite graduating from Siena University with a degree in Modern Languages, Edi has always had a passion for the arts, especially drawing and painting for which, from an early age, she showed a natural flair and sensitivity. Her interest in ceramics began simply for fun, yet by the early 1990’s, she was working with established Italian masters, learning a wide range of techniques including throwing, decorating and firing. She then went on her own way, taking on a new directions as she challenged herself, and her work has become a fusion of sculpture and painting, in which form and decoration mingle and alternate with captured movement. She has always felt an instinctive attraction to other cultures and she has travelled extensively, always curious to see, experience and learn. This exposure often appears in her work. She delicately balances a blend of both traditional and contemporary, resulting in fresh and energetic forms. Each piece she makes is unique, and made entirely by hand. She often collaborates closely with her clients, architects and designers, and regularly exhibits in Italy and abroad.