Antonello Viola


Antonello Viola born in 1966 in Rome, received his degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1989. After a long period of study in Spain, he received a PhD from the Fine Arts Department of the University La Laguna. His work has been exhibited in Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Vienna and New York. He has taught decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna since 1996. Viola’s artistic research, using paper glass and colour, plays with the possibility of not having pre-established directions but to pursue an approach that recovers the “zero degree” of painting in its total refusal of figuration. He thus emerges from the mere limit of the artistic object to open up to a conceptual elaboration that takes into account what interacts with the style and content proposed by the artist. The boundaries designed by Viola in his individual works are in fact lapsed and open to an indefinite elsewhere, an attempt to call the user to enter the space-artwork-artist trinomial.